Welcome to the Bethal Primary School Sustainability page!

In 2020, Bethal Primary School has made a commitment to a sustainable future by becoming a ResourceSmart School. ResourceSmart Schools is a free program offered by Sustainability Victoria that supports Victorian schools to embed sustainability across the school facilities, community and curriculum, while saving resources and money for the school. ResourceSmart Schools is a Victorian Government initiative that will help our school benefit from embedding sustainability in everything we do. Our school will take action to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Our school aims to help the whole school community to connect with the environment and to make a positive contribution to sustainability at school, home and beyond.

Some simple ways you can support our school to become more sustainable include:

  • Packing your children a nude food lunch, eliminating plastic packaging and instead including fresh fruit, vegetables and food in reusable containers
  • Providing your child with a reusable drink bottle to bring to school each day
  • Sending any food or vegetable scraps to school for the compost bin (if you don’t have one at home) as this can be used in our vegetable garden


*Please visit the Sustainability page on our school website for more information and updates.*