Digital technologies

At Bethal Primary School, Digital Technologies make an impact on how teachers and students work, learn and collaborate. Teachers use technology to craft lessons and collaborate with each other and with the students, to deliver a personalised and differentiated curriculum.

In Foundation, grades 1 and 2, students have access to iPads equipped with appropriate learning apps that allow the students to engage, interact and collaborate in their learning. In grades 3 to 6 all students have 1-2-1 laptop access. Students use a range of software applications such as Google Classroom, to support their learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Students learn the basics of Coding. They are supported by teachers to generate basic computer programs in order to create animations, games and even procedures for robots to move. Some of the resources that we use to teach visual programming language and coding are Scratch, Osmo, BeeBots and Spheros.

The safe use of Digital Technologies in the classroom provides a stimulating learning environment and improves student engagement. Digital Technologies allow teachers and students to connect to experts and learners from around the globe to gather information and develop value based opinions.

Bethal Primary School is an eSmart accredited School.