Positive Psychology

Wellbeing at Bethal is grounded in the theory of Positive Psychology and a strengths-based perspective. A strengths-based perspective recognises uniqueness and works with the virtues, strengths and interests of the individual. Alongside strengths base theory, Positive Youth Development (Search Institute 1997) identifies the role of positivity and holistic wellbeing in the development of children and young people. Key aspects of a Positive Youth Development (PYD) perspective include active participation, a strengths-based approach, optimism and integration. PYD aligns with a wide range of research that supports investing in positive mindsets, positive emotions, positive relationships and developing character strengths, in order to promote learning and academic success.

To create a strengths-based learning environment that supports Positive Youth Development, Bethal aims to provide holistic, wrap-around supports for both individuals and the school-wide community. This is done through regular collaboration with external professionals and agencies, the establishment of our Wellbeing and Engagement Teams, Community Hub, on site specialists and partnerships with charitable organisations.