Kinder to Foundation

Starting school is a major life transition for both children and their families. Both challenging and exciting, it is a time of change in which children, families and educators adjust to new roles, identities, expectations, interactions and relationships.

When families, early childhood services, schools and communities work together in positive and collaborative ways, a child’s capacity to achieve their learning potential is significantly enhanced – and so is their general health, wellbeing, positive outlook and sense of purpose in life.

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Year 6 to Year 7

Supporting students transitioning to Year 7 in 2021 will be a key shared priority for primary and secondary schools.

Moving from primary school to secondary school is a major step. It’s a time of big changes in your child’s life.Talking about the changes with your child will help make the move positive.

What’s different

Some of the main differences between primary and secondary school are:

  • more subjects and teachers
  • more homework
  • more challenging school work
  • the responsibility of getting to classes in different rooms on time
  • the need to manage themselves, their learning and their equipment
  • using lockers and carrying books between classes
  • adapting to different teaching styles
  • having no ‘home’ classroom. (Many schools have a designated area for year 7 students)

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