Mindfulness has been shown to increase positive emotions and mindsets, whilst also reducing negative emotions and stress. Mindfulness can improve focus, memory and attention skills, foster compassion and altruism, and enhance connections to self and others. Research also suggests that teaching mindfulness in the classroom reduces behaviours and aggression among students, improves attentiveness and boost overall happiness levels.

Skills developed through engaging in meditation and mindfulness are transferable, life skills that students can take with them into adulthood. Mindfulness involves personal development skills such as resilience, making conscious choices, emotional processing and compassion, all contributing to creating wiser and more well-rounded individuals.

Mindfulness involves present moment awareness that extends kindness to the self, others, and ultimately to the environment and wider world. To promote the development of mindfulness skills for students at Bethal, our teachers facilitate classroom mindfulness and meditation sessions. Our Wellbeing Hubs also encourage students to develop and implement their own mindfulness practices.

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