Having fun in Foundation!

Having fun in Foundation!

This week in Foundation we have been using our imagination and making craft. We made a submarine, a kite, a human, a tower, Batman and many more. Then we wrote about what we made in our Writing books. We used our sounds to write the words and remembered our sight...
Grades 1&2- Sustainability incursion

Grades 1&2- Sustainability incursion

Grade 1/2 students participated in an incursion where they learnt how to recycle paper and made their own recycled paper. The message of reduce, reuse and recycle is an important one for students to learn early. This will help them to develop good habits when it comes...

Interschool Sports update

The 5/6s kicked off with their first Interschool sports fixture of the year against Meadows Primary. This Term’s sports are Handball, Soccer, Touch Rugby and Netball. Our boys soccer team won a close and competitive game 1 – 0. The girls soccer was an epic, and...


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