School-Wide Positive Behaviour Supports (SWPBS)


The purpose of School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) at Bethal Primary School is to improve student outcomes through a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Our expectations are Collaboration, Perseverance and Respect and visibly displayed and represented around our school through our characters:






The school expectations underpin the SWPBS framework across the school. The expectations guide the language used for clarifying, teaching and acknowledging expected positive behaviours, as well as providing a rationale for responding to inappropriate behaviours.

SWPBS Features:
  • As with all learning, behaviour must be taught, modelled and reinforced.
  • Our Positive Behaviour Expectations matrix is explicitly taught to every classroom in every location at BPS.
  • Students’ individual needs and abilities are catered for.
  • Staff have a common understanding of what the expected behaviours look like.
  • All staff take responsibility for implementing consistent behaviour management strategies using a common language.
  • Behaviour management data is used to guide further teaching and planning.
  • Positive rewards and acknowledgments are offered to reinforce school expectations and behaviours.
  • Staff actively pre-correct and teach expected behaviours.
  • Logical consequences are applied if a student is not demonstrating the expected behaviours.
  • Teachers implement appropriate prevention strategies to address potential behavioural challenges before they occur


Positive Behaviour Expectations Matrix

Our Positive Behaviour Expectations matrix communicates Bethal PS’ expectations for positive behaviours and learning across different settings of the school: ALL SETTINGS, LEARNING SPACES, OUTDOORS, TOILETS, CANTEEN and MOVING AROUND THE SCHOOL.

Through teaching, modelling, and reinforcing of the expected positive behaviours help teachers, principals, aides, and parents consistently reinforce a set of key behavioural and learning expectations during students’ daily routines. As they are visibly displayed in the classroom and other settings, they help to increase students’ understanding of Bethal PS’ school-wide expectations and offer specific examples of actions students can take to meet these expectations.


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