The Berry Street Model

Bethal incorporates the Berry Street Education Model in our wellbeing program, along with our teachers having participated in the Berry Street training.

The Berry Street Education Model provides schools with the training, curriculum and strategies to engage all students. This education initiative is based on proven positive education, trauma-informed and wellbeing practices that enable students’ academic and personal growth. The model incorporates 5 Key Focus areas:

Body: Building students’ capacity by increasing physical regulation of the stress response, de-escalation and focus.

Relationship: Nurturing on-task learning through relational classroom management strategies.

Stamina: Creating a culture of academic persistence by nurturing resilience, emotional intelligence and a growth mindset.

Engagement: Motivating students with strategies that increase their willingness to learn.

Character: Harnessing a values and character strengths approach to instil students’ self-knowledge for future pathways.

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