Grade 5/6 Dream and Lead Conference

On Monday the 28th of February the 5/6 leaders went on an excursion to the Dream and Lead Conference. We all found the excursion extremely enjoyable and were inspired to put some of what we learnt into action at Bethal Primary School. The 5/6s got there by train and a 15 minute walk. Soon after the school leader’s got to the special event they were welcomed with 2 female speakers named Tari and Heather and also got their own little booklet to write in. Our favorite speaker was Morgan, because he was the most interesting speaker. He talked about how he got into baking from Master Chef. He started a shop in Year 10 and now he is supplying cakes, chocolate brownies, waffles and for Mothers Day. We found out he went on Junior Master as a judge. We were very impressed by him. At the end of the day we went to the train station and finally went home. Some of us were extremely exhausted and even fell asleep on the train, it was extremely worth it though. Written by Nina Shamoon, Grade 6, School Captain and Zack Buchhorn, Grade 5, Kingfisher House Captain.