Kindergarten Philosophy:

 Bethal kindergarten was opened in April 2014. Our Philosophy is that we “work together” along with our parent school, Bethal Primary School.

• At Bethal kindergarten we use an emergent curriculum approach to learning.  We value children’s independence and individuality. We believe children learn best when they are interested in what is in their environment and that it is meaningful for them.

•We provide a combination of teacher-initiated and child initiated learning experiences for all children to be able to positively participate in the program at their own level and reach their individual potential.

•We value providing a warm and welcoming environment that assists children to feel safe and secure and to develop trusting relationships between children and educators.

•We value the richness of our community’s varied cultural background. All family and community involvement at Bethal kindergarten is welcomed and encouraged.

•We believe it is important for children to develop an understanding of, and be involved with, environmentally sustainable practices in order to develop an awareness of the impact their actions have on the natural environment.

•The staff are committed to ongoing Professional Development and value this knowledge as a way to increase their understanding of how children learn.

•We embrace the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework as an ongoing guide to extend and enrich our Educational Program.

•We acknowledge the National Quality Framework and all work together to achieve the highest of standards so that we may provide a service of excellence within the community.